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Laugh Lessons     2 x 3’

Peggy Pictures for BBC Three

Comedy sketches for BBC Three featuring TikTok stars Fats Timbo and Steph McAteer.

Mel Giedroyc: Unforgiveable    4 x 60'

Expectation Entertainment for Dave

Mel Giedroyc and her assistant Lou Sanders probe the nation's favourite comics and

celebs for tales of their most outrageous sins, lies, legal transgressions and morally

bankrupt behaviour to see who is the most Unforgiveable person in the room.

watch Episode 1 Graham Norton, Desiree Burch, Alex Brooker

watch Episode 3 Josh Widdicombe, Clare Balding, Johnny Vegas

watch Episode 5 Ed Gamble, Richard Ayoade, Sindhu Vee

watch Episode 6 Phil Wang, Harry Redknapp, Jennifer Saunders

Supermarket Sweep Series 1 & 2    9 x 60'

Thames for ITV & ITV2

Rylan Clark-Neal hosts the return of the iconic gameshow.

Mimi and Co.     6 x 10’

Peggy Pictures for CBBC

YouTube star Mimi Misfit lives life to the max.

watch Episode 1 The Family Party

watch Episode 2 Breaking the Mould

watch Episode 3 Spooked

watch Episode 4 Great Heights

watch Episode 7 Pet Life

watch Episode 8 Tasty Treats

Pointless Series 7 – 9, 24 - 25     71 x 45’

Pointless Celebrities Series 3 - 5, 14     10 x 50’

Remarkable for BBC One

Quiz show hosted by Alexander Armstrong with Richard Osman

Almost Never: Access All Areas    3 x 15'

Saltbeef TV for CBBC

Almost Never's Tillie Amartey goes behind the scenes of the music industry.

The Best of 2010-2015 Wipe    1 x 90'

House of Tomorrow for BBC Two

Compilation of the best bits from six years of Charlie Brooker's end of year

Wipe review shows.

watch on iPlayer

Cunk & Other Humans on 2019    6 x 5' / 1 x 30' compilation

House of Tomorrow for BBC Two

Part of the editing team for this series of comedy shorts where Diane

Morgan's Philomena Cunk and others review the news in 2019.

watch compilation on iPlayer

The Chop    1 x 60'

Big Wheel FIlms & Television for ITV

Rick Edwards, William Hardy and Lee Mack search for Britain's best wood

worker in this competition format.

Britain's Brightest Celebrity Family    4 x 30'

Thames for ITV

Hosted by ‘The Governess’ Anne Hegerty, celebrities from the worlds of

sport, soaps, reality shows and TV bring two family members with them to

take on each other in the hope of winning £25,000 for charity.

The Tez O'Clock Show    3 x 60'

Expectation Entertainment for Channel 4

Part of the editing team for this fast turnaround topical comedy show,

hosted by provocative comedian Tez Ilyas.

watch on All4

What Should I Do?    1 x 30'


Non-broadcast pilot for a new primetime entertainment show; Jason Mamford

hosts as members of the public with dilemmas take to the stage and the live

audience votes on what they should do.

The Family Brain Games    8 x 60'

Label1 for BBC Two

Dara Ó Briain hosts the ultimate test of collective, cross-generational

intelligence in this mix of game show and documentary.  Games

editor across all eight episodes.

watch on BBC iPlayer

Flinch    2 x 25'

Stellify Media for Netflix

Game show where contestants try to avoid flinching whilst

withstanding surprise and discomfort or else suffer the consequences.

watch Episode 4

watch Episode 6

Small Fortune    2 x 60'

Youngest Media for ITV

Dermot O'Leary hosts the world's smallest gameshow where

teams take on tiny games to win big money.

Spy School Series 1 & 2   9 x 30'

Zodiak Kids for CITV

Two cadets team up to solve puzzles in order to stop the villain

Goldfist's latest scheme in this adventure gameshow.

* BAFTA nominee, Children's Entertainment *

watch Episode 14 'Operation Going for Gold' online

Beat the Internet - with John Robins    4 x 30'

Vice Studios for Dave

Comedian John Robins hosts the comedy quiz show where

contestants try to finish sentences based on some of the Internet's

most popular search terms.

Chuckle Time    4 x 60'

So Television for Channel 5

Clip show hosted by the legendary Chuckle Brothers.

The Generation Game    1 x 60'

BBC Studios for BBC One

Return of the legendary gameshow, hosted by Mel & Sue.

Don't Say It... Bring It!    5 x 30'

Stellify Media for Dave

Street comedy gameshow hosted by Jason Byrne; contestants

can't say the answer but have to bring it. So easy, it's impossible.

Culinary Genius USA    4 x 30'

Studio Ramsay for Fox

American version of the cookery competition show, hosted by

Samantha Harris, with top chef Edward Lee setting the challenges.

Culinary Genius    4 x 60'

Studio Ramsay for ITV

Cookery competition show hosted by Fern Britton, where each week 

a guest chef sets nine contestants a series of challenges.

Debatable Series 2    3 x 30’, 4 x 45'

Hungry Bear Media for BBC Two

Quiz show hosted by Patrick Kielty

5 Gold Rings     2 x 60’

Possessed for ITV

Primetime quiz show hosted by Phillip Schofield.  Cut the first episode,

setting the overall style of the show and of all graphic and generic

elements used across the series.

Little Big Shots     VTs for 6 x 60’

Wall to Wall for ITV

Cut several performances across this Dawn French-hosted series

showcasing children with a range of talents. 

Performance Live: Kate Tempest     1 x 60’    

Battersea Arts Centre, Fettis Films for BBC Two

Multicamera performance filmed at the Rivoli Ballroom

Ramadan Rush     1 x 5’

Popkorn TV for BBC Three

Short documentary

watch online


Rich Kids of Instagram          1 x 60’

Popkorn TV for E4

Finishing editor for one episode of this light-hearted obs doc


500 Questions     2 x 60’

Wall to Wall for ITV

Primetime quiz show hosted by Giles Coren


Airmageddon Series 2     4 x 30’

DHX Media and Conceive Media for CBBC

Arena-based game show for kids


Violent Child, Desperate Parents     1 x 60’

Popkorn TV for Channel 5

Obs doc

watch online


1000 Heartbeats Series 1 & 2     12 x 60’

Hungry Bear Media for ITV

Quiz show hosted by Vernon Kay.  First editor on both series,

cutting the template episodes as well as setting the style for all

graphic and generic elements used across the whole series.


Duck Quacks Don’t Echo Series 2 & 3     3 x 60’

Magnum TV for Sky One

Panel show hosted by Lee Mack, finishing editor for two episodes and

editor of a ‘series best of’ compilation


Decimate Series 2     4 x 45’

CPL Productions for BBC One

Quiz show hosted by Shane Richie


Fifteen to One Series 1     8 x 60’

Celebrity Fifteen to One Series 1 & 3     4 x 60’

Remedy Productions for Channel 4

Quiz show hosted by Sandi Toksvig and its celebrity spin-off

hosted by Adam Hills


Cash Machine     1 x 60’

BBC Entertainment

Non-TX pilot for a new National Lottery gameshow, responsible for changes,

final graphics work and commissioner notes


Two Tribes Series 2     13 x 30’

Remarkable Television for BBC Two

Quiz show hosted by Richard Osman


Relatively Clever     2 x 60’

John Stanley Productions for Sky One

Primetime game show hosted by Mel Giedroyc


Frank Sinatra: Our Way     1 x 60’

Whizz Kid Entertainment for BBC One

Edited a couple of VTs for this one-off talent show


First Dates Series 2     8 x 60’

Twenty Twenty for Channel 4

Feeding interview sequences to main edits, and cutting online

content for


Gogglebox Series 2     VTs for 6 x 50’

Studio Lambert for Channel 4

Reality show.

* BAFTA TV winner for Reality & Constructed Factual * 

Beat the Pack     7 x 45’

BBC Productions for BBC One

Quiz show hosted by Jake Humphrey


Jedward’s Big Adventure Series 2     2 x 30’

Initial for BBC One and CBBC

The twins compete to be the best tour guide at a series

of historical locations


Faster Than the Speed of Light?     1 x 60’

BBC Productions for BBC Two

Science doc, third editor helping to complete the programme

in the fifteen days between commission and TX


Felix Dennis: Beauties & the Beast     1 x 90’

Initial for DVD release

Live poetry performance

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