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I’m a freelance offline and online editor based in London.


Way back when I was studying for my MA at Goldsmiths College and learning all about how to be a director, I realised that the best way to indulge my passion for storytelling was to combine it with my fondness for cramped windowless rooms and pursue a career in editing.


And so it was that I joined The Station Post as yet another in the legion of Soho runners, making tea and coffee, fetching lunches and running tapes around town (you remember tapes, right?) After progressing to assistant editor I crossed London to Crow TV in Shepherd’s Bush, where I spent three years as an online editor, before leaping into the freelance world in 2012 to concentrate on offline work.


Since then I’ve been plying my trade across a wide variety of programmes (check out my other pages to see just how wide), whilst still dipping my toe into the world of online editing.  It’s the skills I developed as an online editor that means I’m as happy helping you to work out how to structure the material we have as I am making sure the finished programme shines (not to mention minimising the amount of time you’ll spend in the online suite…)


And if you’ve read this far down you might also like to know that I have a pretty nifty MacBook Pro which runs Avid should you need me to bring my own kit with me (equally I’m more than happy working remotely from the comfort of my house.)

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